Welcome. I’m Dr Cindy Mak.

The prospect of cancer can be confusing. Finding the best healthcare provider can help put your mind at ease. 


If you are browsing this site, chances are that you (or a relative or friend) are looking for the opinion of a specialist breast surgeon or breast physician. This can be a difficult time for many, and the right information can provide you with some comfort as you consider your treatment options.

Firstly, What is a breast surgeon?

Surgery for breast disease in New South Wales may be performed by any general surgeon, and some surgeons, like myself, choose to specialise only in breast surgery.

Being a specialist in this area means I am able to keep up-to-date with the latest research and advances in this area and provide you with the best possible care. While I prioritise cosmesis in my surgery, my goal is first and foremost the health of the patient.

I do not perform cosmetic surgery.

I prioritise a good cosmetic result in my surgery, however, my goal is first and foremost the health of the patient.
— Dr Cindy Mak

AND What is a breast physician?

A breast physician is a GP who has completed a rigorous training program sub-specializing in breast disease. They are adept at interpretation of breast imaging, some biopsies, and managing the follow up of breast cancer patients, high risk patients or patients with difficult benign disease. They do not perform surgery.

In my rooms, we offer the services of both a Breast Surgeon (myself) and a Breast Physician, Dr Charon Western, who works with me to ensure that our patients get seen in a timely manner and to manage problems that require long-term follow up.


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An update on ALCL

If you have breast implants, chances are you may have heard - or be worried about - anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). If you are feeling concerned, you should reach out to your previous breast cancer surgeon, or read more below.




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