Dr Charon Western

Dr Charon Western


Charon is a Breast Physician who has worked with Cindy since 2009. Breast Physicians are breast specialists who are experienced in the diagnosis of breast conditions, breast examination, interpretation of breast imaging and follow up of post cancer patients.

Charon and Cindy work together closely and share patient records, to ensure patient care and handover of information is seamless.

Charon provides an essential service for women with breast conditions that require expert clinical care but who may not require surgery. She is adept at the interpretation of breast imaging and the requirement for biopsy.  She also cares for patients who no longer require ongoing surgical follow up post breast cancer treatment, but would prefer a practitioner who shares the same records as Dr Mak and has expertise in this area.

Charon graduated from Adelaide University in 1991 and completed her internship in 1992 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. She moved to Sydney in 1993 and spent two years gaining valuable experience in teaching hospitals in Sydney. She commenced General Practice training in 1994 and received the Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 1996.

Charon developed an interest in Women’s Health and in 1996 accepted a position at the Sydney Breast Clinic where she gained 12 years of experience and contributed to the training of other breast physicians and other staff members. She received the Fellowship of the Australasian Society of Breast Physicians in 2004. She has a wide range of experience in the diagnosis and management of benign and malignant breast disease and has broad experience in the performance and evaluation of fine needle and core biopsies of the breast which she is able to perform in the rooms.

Charon was appointed a VMO Breast Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital/Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in 2006 and also has private consulting rooms at Strathfield Breast Centre as well as Specialist Breast Care at POW Private Hospital in Randwick.

Charon works closely with all members of the multidisciplinary team in her management of patients with breast disease and has extensive experience in counselling women with breast disease, clinical breast examination, mammography interpretation, ultrasound performance and interpretation and breast biopsy.



Aileen is senior PA to Dr Mak and Practice Manager for the team.

She has been with the practice since 2011. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that both the GP and patient experience is a positive one.

If you require any assistance, do not hesitate to ask – Aileen will do her best to help out.



Karen joined the practice part time in 2018,  having moved from interstate. You’ll see her friendly face both in Newtown and at the rooms in North Sydney.

Apart from her medical reception experience, Karen is a whiz at cake decorating!


Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation Fellow 2019

Dr Anannya Chakrabarti

The Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation at Lifehouse generously funds a surgical fellow annually. They are fully qualified general surgeons who are completing their 2nd year of breast surgery subspeciality training as part of the Breast Surgeons Australia and New Zealand fellowship training program. Lifehouse is a sought after fellowship and our fellows are often of a high caliber. Part of the training involves spending time in a clinic situation. Once a fortnight our fellow will assist Cindy in the Newtown rooms seeing patients. Cindy will always see you as well and your care may even be enhanced by seeing two surgeons who can bounce ideas off each other. Passing on knowledge to the future breast surgeons of Australia and New Zealand is a privilege for Cindy and we thank you for your role in their education.