We understand that you would appreciate that your patients are seen as soon as possible
We have a breast physician available to reduce waiting times for consultations, when appropriate
We keep appointment slots available to accommodate new patients

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We understand that giving bad news to a patient is a difficult time for both the patient and their doctor. Cindy personally triages all referrals that are made to ensure new patients are seen in a timely manner and appropriate to the urgency of the problem. As we have a breast physician, Charon, we may suggest referral to her to facilitate an earlier appointment. If further review is required by a breast surgeon, Charon is able to facilitate this easily without further involvement from yourself.

Aileen and Karen, Cindy’s personal assistants, will ask for your referral and copies of histology, imaging and any other helpful information to be faxed/emailed/posted to enable us to triage the patient accurately. This also enables Cindy to plan ahead with booking biopsy or surgical procedures.

We also allow for urgent appointment slots to ensure that we are not booked so heavily in advance that we cannot accommodate any new patients.

If you would like to discuss a patient with Cindy, please contact the practice. we are always happy to facilitate this and we will try to return your call as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cindy see patients for cosmetic surgery?

Cindy does not perform routine cosmetic surgery. If a patient has a concern regarding her breasts on the background of previous cosmetic surgery, she is happy to assess them and refer them or treat them as appropriate.


Does Cindy perform reduction mammaplasty?

Cindy does perform this procedure, but only in the context of excision of a concerning lesion or symmetrisation following previous surgery.


Who should organiSe biopsy of a worrying lesion?

Cindy is happy for you to organise this if it is a routine biopsy that you are comfortable with. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to refer the patient for her to make a decision, or call her to ask about the patient.